Geomagnetic reversal is a phenomenon created by the switching of the earth’s magnetic poles. This happens without predictability. But fear not! It happens over a course of hundreds of thousand years so it will give plenty of time for animalia to adapt their way of life. No one has a credible theory for this occurrence. This reversal is visible in the magnetic striping in the oceanic crust. When it cools the magnetic inclination locks in place. Over millions of years a magnetic striping effect is born. This was discovered during the cold war when the Americans and Russians were mapping the seafloor. This phenomenon helped prove tectonic plate movement.


To create an interpretive panel of something of this complexity, it needed to be broken down into increments and simplified due to space limitations. I initially created a smaller panel that can be viewed below, and the magnetism bar was added later along with more text. The cross section illustration was created using the 3D function in Photoshop. I created gradients which I transcribed into the topography. The colouration of the lithosphere was chosen by using the colours that occur naturally in its minerals. The rest was simply colouration. The timeline was a simplified version of many others simply in order to provide a sense of the periods involved. The earth images were obtained free from NASA and the polarity lines were created in the software program Adobe Illustrator. The magnetism bar images were created by making shapes using the same software and then transferred to Photoshop. Shapes were given just a single colour and layering was achieved by adding effects to the shapes.

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