The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is located in Washington DC. It is one of the biggest and busiest museums in the DC area. It has 126 million specimens (give or take a few…) and 400,000 photographs in archives. Well known for its vast exhibition space, the public are often unaware that much of the museum is space for researchers, curators, museum collection staff and many more. There are roughly 1000 employees excluding the countless volunteers and interns that also donate their time. It is a place filled with an awesome, in the truest sense of the word, wealth of knowledge.


It is in fact impossible to take a photograph of the museum from this view point as there are rows of trees directly in front and you cannot go far enough back to get the whole building due to the Castle (another museum), and other buildings a few hundred metres on the other side. I counted the windows, visible building blocks, ridges, gutters, tiles on the roof (even though I did not draw every tile it helped with proportions and shape). In order to get the proportions accurate, I calculated the percentages of parts relative to one another. I then drew out by hand one half of the building, including the centre, keeping the proportions accurate. I then traced over in Adobe Illustrator, checking angles. The image was then transferred to Adobe Photoshop where the rendering occurred. In order to get texture, I applied layer effects. The posters were made in Photoshop free hand, bar the lettering, and contorted to look attached. Those are the posters that were up when I was last there. I then took the side of the building that I had created, copied and reversed the image to create the other side of the building.

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