It all started with a “Potluck of Dolphins”…. As I was doodling the dolphin I thought about the fact it had a circular shape, so I drew another thinking about a circle. Since I was starting down a geometry inspired route I added a vertical line down the centre for the dorsal and pectoral fins. Once this was in place I had an Ah-Ha moment, and thought about the Deathly Hallows in Harry Potter (big fan). What if I could make this into a Deathly-Hallows-like icon for me?

I thought next time I would replace the the dolphin with a shark, my first true love. I got stuck on the vertical line, I would come back to that later. As I started drawing a few triangles, what could be my triangle? I drew a faint triangle around the circular dolphin (next time shark), I went around a few times and then the dorsal fin seemed to make perfect sense. I penned that in. A wave-like line to embody the ocean at the bottom, and I was onto the straight line down the centre… This took a while and then the thought of a mermaid’s purse with the tendrils spiraling upwards.  Going to work on that idea more.

I also started down the path of a little baby-dinosaur-come-groundhog guy; he doesn’t have a name yet…

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